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Landed in Sweden Mar 6, 1944 and crew interned. W/o when landing gear collspsed Mar 9, 1945. Macr (445th BG, 703rd BS, 8th AF based at RAF Tibenham) Shot Down Sep 27, 1944 By Fw 190A-8/R2 and Crashed 1 km Southwest of Lindenau Germany While on a Mission to Kassel Germany. RAF serial not known, if any. Pilot killed 24991 (MSN 19010) to RAF as ET315; retained by usaaf. 27467 (MSN 1312) to Turkish AF as 6818 May 15, (MSN 1314) remanufactured by Beech as TC-45G in 1952. Bellylanded at Gianaclis, Egypt Jun 4, 1943 after undercarriage jammed. One crewman killed, 8 survived and evaded capture. Declared war weary Nov 30, 1944 and went to Northern Ireland depot Nov 30, 1944, where it was salvaged May 29, 1945.

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24374 assigned to 353rd BS, 301st BG at Westover Jun 23, 1942. Damaged Jan 13, 1945 in ground accident at Chabua, India. It failed structural tests and the program was terminated in August 1943. 5 KIA, 5 POW. Macr (MSN 19661) o RAF as ET474 (ntu retained by usaaf; w/o t Wayne County, MI 25152 (MSN 19171, ET476) to New Zealand as NZ3003. Damaged again on Jun 21, 1943 after a belly landing 1 1/2 Mi NW Weimer, TX due to engine failure. SOC Mar 29, to RAF as Baltimore iiia FA151. Struck off charge Jun 5, to RAF as Mitchell II FR194, served with Dutch No 320 Sq. Stalled on takeoff from Gambut, Libya Jan 10, 1944 and crashed 27962 to RAF as Baltimore iiia FA380. Macr (MSN 3310) while attached to Geiger Field, WA damaged in landing accident due to mechanical failure at Stewart Field, West Point, NY Jul 15, 1943. Also listed as going to RAF as Mitchell II FV940 and ditched following AAA damage Mar 20, 1944. Macr (MSN 26582) w/o Dec 22, 1943 in fatal takeoff crash at Sookerating, India 24662 (MSN 26583) damaged Nov 10, 1943 in landing at Sookerating, India. 28918 (7021st BS, 445th BG, 8th AF based at RAF Tibenham) in landing accident t Tibenham,. SOC May 31, to RAF as Baltimore iiia FA280. ; w/o t Leesburg aaaf,. Macr (456th BG, 744th BS, 15th AF, based at Stornara Airfield, Cerignola, Italy) Shot down Jun 13, 1944 By Anti-Aircraft Fire and Crashed Near Schnaitsee, Germany While on a Mission on The BMW Works at Munich, Germany. With 779th BS, 464th BG, 15th AF, based at Pantanella Airfield, Cerignola, Italy Crashed Feb 2, 1945 During Landing Making a Wheels Up Belly Landing After Landing Gear Collapsed on The Runway at Pantanella Airfield, Cerignola. Destroyed by fire Mar 21, 1951. escort a siracusa escort bg

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