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Cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil

cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil

system, utilizing a simple male/female pairing system so you can connect generators and tap boxes with a minimum of fuss and almost zero room for error. We are your on-stop-connector-shop. At PSI Control Solutions we offer a wide array of Cam-Lok voltage options, including: 120/240V ( L1 L2 N G ) Black Red White Green 120/208V ( L1 L2 L3 N G ) Black Red. When you use the term male or female in electrical connections youre just differentiating between which side is the receiver (female and which side is the connector (male). Roam's line of Generator Interface Panels includes 200A and 400A models, as well as 240 VAC (240v) and 600 VAC (600v) models, built using male Cam-Lok connectors. Color coding can also make for a quicker, easier connection to temporary backup power in an emergency, when time may be limited. What Are Cam-Lok Cables? This UL-approved product also meets various standards including ST-4, FT-4 and VW-1 Flame Tests. Similar compatible connectors are sometimes referred to as "Cam-Lock" connectors by their manufacturers, distributors, and/or users.

Cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil - Cam-Lok Portable Power

These cables are exceptionally well protected, resistant to fire, impact, pull force, weather, and even more. We keep a large stock of these devices in our warehouse, ready for immediate shipment to you. The heavily-insulated design of Cam-Lok power cables makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and safe enough for end-users with minimal experience with wiring and electrical systems. Widely used in the telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment industries, such Cam-Lok enclosures are also known as Tap Boxes, Inlet Boxes, or Generator Plugs/Generator Quick Connects. If its not in our stock, we can get a direct overnight shipment to you from a Leviton warehouse. Panduit Crimp Lug customer must state bolt hole size they need. Safety SecurityCable Access Restriction. Brown-Orange-Yellow Connectors Labeling, all Roam Generator Interface, Power Input, and Power Output panels are also available with Brown-Orange-Yellow labels, Cam-Lok connectors, and/or spring caps. Product Options, comments or Questions, name, this field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


New teenager generation. Cam-Lok cables can feature single connections (M/F or can feature multiple, such as 2M, 3F and more. Just about as basic as it sounds. Date Format: MM slash DD slash yyyy. This alternate color scheme is often used with 277/480-volt Wye or 480-volt Delta AC power. Telecom, power Systems, design. We offer both individual sale and included cam-lock cables for our power-supply solutions! Contact the team at PSI Control Solutions to learn more about the Cam-Lok power cables we offer. Generators, tap boxes, transfer switchesthey all play a vital role in keeping your business safe and productive in the event of an incident or outage. That would mean you need male/male. In addition, Roam's Cam-Lok panels can be custom-built with connectors and labels in a myriad of other color configurations and/or languages to meet any national or regional standard. Using Cam-Lok connections in your power system turns the complications of backup power into simple plug-and-play, especially in combination with user-friendly tap box and transfer switch solutions. Contact Us About This Product, we would love to hear from you! Leads for portable generators. You are here: Home, our Products, cam-Lok Power Cables, price 136.00 559.00. Cam lock electrical connector Download Literature.

What Are: Cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil

Frequently asked questions: 4/0 AWG DLO Cable information, female Cam-Lock Type Connector, male Cam-Lock Type Connector. Operation 90 Degree C Wet or Dry with an Ampacity of 400 Amps and a weight.93 pounds per foot. Generator Interface Boxes, roam offers an extensive line of Generator Interface Boxes (also called Generator Connector Panels) designed to provide a secure connection point for emergency power for wireless sites, and other telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment applications. These Cam connectors are manufactured by Leviton. If you need Cam-Lok, you can trust PSI Control to provide. But just like any major piece of equipment these systems rely on having the right parts and connections in order to operate effectively. PSI Control Solutions puts an emphasis and focus on offering clients the most reliable and effective electrical access systems. What Is a Male/Female cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil Connection? When choosing your Cam-Lok power cables, make sure to take the time to confirm your needs for male and female pairings. But how do you know what kind of cables you need for your electrical applications? cam lock connectors for generators maringa brazil

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